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Thanks a lot AARP!

I must admit, I've been in a prety foul mood this week. To anyone who has felt my wrath as a result, I do apologize. Imagine this morning when I checked a piece of mail I got yesterday. It was from the AARP! "Hmmm...." I thought to myself, "I wonder what this is about?" Well, let's take a look at what it says.

Or records show that you haven't yet registered for the benifits of AARP membership, even though your're fully eligible.

If you have already sent in your registration, please excuse this notice.

If not, I urge you to register now so you may start enjoying AARP benifits and services with no further delay. You need only return the form above. Please remove and keep the card below as your record of enrollment. You will recieve a new card and Membership Kit, with full details on your benifits.

As a member, you'll have the resources and information you will need to get the most out of life over 50. You'll have access to exclusive discounts. Dependable insurance programs and investment respources. Important health-related information. And much more. The 22 benifits shown on the back are only a partial list!

I look forward to your joining us. I think you'll agree with our other members: AARP is one of America's very best values.

William D. Novelli
Executive Director

Very nice, and I probably would join...

When I'm 50...

I'm 30!

At least it got me out of that mood. After brooding about for a few hours, I began to laugh at it.

Kind of makes you wonder how they gather their information.