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Why Hillary should bow out

For those of you who know me, or even keep track of this blog, you will know that I'm not exactly a talkative guy. I tend to keep to myself unless you come into my close circle. However, when something really starts geeing under my skin, I feel the need to make my voice heard. Sometimes I can be a little brash. Maybe a little vicious. But i feel like it needs to be said. Now onto the show...

Hillary Clinton needs to quit the race!

Okay. Okay. I know there are strong feelings out there towards either candidate, but let's get down to the real issues at hand. I really don't care about the Hillary is a woman/Obama is a black dude discussions out there. This is about the principles of the Democratic party. I left the party years ago because I felt like the party has been abandoning it's principles and real values by talking and acting like Republicans. It takes strength and courage to be a Liberal these days. It takes a strong voice. I know that's hard because I often have tough time of it myself. It's easy to roll over and let the blow hards take over the conversation, but conversations aren't won by taking like them, it's won by bringing the conversation to a new level. That's why Obama is so healthy, and why Clinton is so poisonous.

Why is it so important to have a woman in the White House? Is it about feminism? Or identity politics? Does it really make that much of a difference? And how does Hillary play this card? She allows surrogates like Ferraro to play the race card and downplay his message. Just like the Republicans, Hillary can no longer win on the issues, but try to win by slandering her opponent. Kerry won the debates. Gore won the debates. The press got away with saying things like "Al Gore says that he invented the internet", but did he really? No he didn't. it was a pure smear campaign designed to make him look unreliable. That's what Republicans do, not us.

Experience? Did FDR have a lot of foreign policy experience before he came into office? Did Kennedy? Did Wilson? The lack of "official" experience is a non-issue. in fact, it may be to Obama's benefit since he doesn't have all of the baggage of the past on his back. It's that lack of baggage that might actually help us bring some real peace and stability to the middle east. I mean, it's not like what we're doing at the moment is really working. I mean, that's what Republicans are known for, not us.

I'm tired of fear. I'm tired of living in a country where we're scared all of the time. I was actually considering jumping back into the party because of people like Edwards and Obama bringing the discussion higher. By talking about things that matter. By talking about a world where we discuss our problems and find real solutions. On the other hand, Clinton is pulling out ads like the 3am commercial. Look at Bill Clinton. Look at how he won in '92. He talked about hope. He talked about a better America. That worked. That was effective. Fear is for the Republicans. That's their head space, not ours.